We make difficult things easy

ABC App is the app for Apple and Android that revolutionizes support for autistic users, aiming to become effective and professional help every day!

What does it do?

Revolutionize support for autistic users

ABC App is an excellent support and companion to educational methods. In fact, all our activities are designed and tested by educators in the field!

  • Results

    Develop and improve your child's logical, cognitive and motor skills.

  • Simplicity

    Accessible even to those unfamiliar with technology!

  • Flexibility

    The content is suitable for all ages and all levels of autism.

  • Updates

    Activities updated every month to renew learning!

  • Artificial intelligence

    The algorithm studies the game session to improve the level.

  • Sharing

    Data is collected to make it available both to users themselves and to research!

Illutrazione di genitore che mantiene per la mano il figlio sotto l'ombrello

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